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— “Sequestering Carbon, Accelerating Local Economies” — is a consulting business founded and run by Anthony Flaccavento. It combines a new vision for economic prosperity and resilience with tested skills and strategies to help us get there. Based on over 25 years of hands-on experience in sustainable community development, SCALE focuses on three core elements:

  • Building diverse, resilient economies at the local and regional level, based on local assets and better meeting local needs

  • Growing local “capital” and wealth, in food and farming and other natural resource-based economic sectors, that also rebuild ecological health

  • Catalyzing networks, of entrepreneurs, farmers, consumers and advocates that accelerate and deepen healthy local economies

The central purpose of SCALE is to catalyze and accelerate economies which increase community wealth and restore or sustain the ecosystem. The services are designed for community leaders, farmers, small businesses and nonprofit practitioners who are engaged in working towards sustainable economic development initiatives.

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