There are many reasons why Anthony Flaccavento can’t stop talking and writing about the need to expand upon local “bottom up economy” success stories.  The near collapse of Wall Street in 2008 precipitated a global economic recession that put millions of people out of work and forced local and state agencies into widespread cutbacks. The economic decline also demonstrated just how vulnerable most communities have become, particularly in Rural America. At the same time, mounting evidence of climate change surrounds us, from rapidly melting glaciers and Antarctic ice sheets, to prolonged droughts and other severe weather. And the problems aren’t just in the atmosphere: over the past 100 years, the amount of productive land available per capita has shrunk dramatically, from 14 acres per person worldwide to just over 3.5 acres.

In addition to the writings and resources on this site, is available as a resource and offers an expanded frame of reference around building healthy local economies.