Dialogue on Race Annual Winter Summit

On January 26th the Dialogue on Race is hosting their Annual Winter Summit in Christiansburg. Visit their Facebook page or website for more details and registration information.

Webinar series explores provocative, effective alternative economic strategies  

The Nonprofit Quarterly has launched a webinar series exploring innovative strategies to build economies that better meet people’s needs while building community health and ownership.  To date, they have hosted three webinars, linked below. Three more are scheduled, each one on the second Thursday of the month (February 14th, March 14th and April 11th) from 2pm – 3:30.


Here are links to the first three:




 Anthony will be presenting as part of the April 11th webinar, focused on bottom up economics, the New Green Deal, and policies that support this type of economic development.


VA Democratic Party’s Annual Rural Retreat

 *Friday – Sunday, May 3 – 5, Roanoke (more details to come). 

 This annual event features an interesting array of workshops, as well as keynote speeches by some of Virginia’s leading Democrats. 


Virginia Green New Deal, Summit and Town Hall Meetings

No date has yet been set for the Green New Deal Summit, though it will likely be in March.  Following that, we expect to be holding a series of town halls to present and discuss the GND, in order to strengthen it and ensure that it will work across both urban and rural Virginia.